Providing Individualized Options, Respective Support Systems and Support Provisions to those on the edge, those assisting others in crisis and for those that have lost a loved one to suicide.
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"You don't have time to learn about suicide when you are in the middle of the crisis.  I genuinely believe there are many excellent resources available, given the time to research them.  I want to share some of the ones I have found, hoping they help on our mission to reduce the number of suicide occurrences through education and awareness; while providing support for those in crisis, those assisting others in crisis, and for those that have lost a loved one to suicide. I believe it would have made a life-impacting difference for us." - Eric's mom, Kathy Mullen


Resource Goals



Our Goal Is To Save Lives. HOW? Through some great, easy to find and navigate FREE resources, new app, new book, and a new documentary. FREE TO THOSE IN NEED… thanks for our amazing supporters and donors like you. 



Kathy Mullen’s Story Leading to the Creation of Mullen’s Miracles. 



Customizable APP for easy access to Suicide ‘Safety Net’ Plan, Support Team, Resources, Personal and Mullen’s Miracles Programs. 



Documentary of various personal experiences of suicide attempts and loss, and the grief and life transitions that transformed due to suicide. 

We would LOVE your support to help us reach our Resource Goals!

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