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Providing Individualized Options, Respective Support Systems and Support Provisions to those on the edge, those assisting others in crisis and for those that have lost a loved one to suicide.
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Help Us Meet Our Goals

Our Goal, Vision & Commitment


& Help Change Lives

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Miracles Launch Team!

"You don't have time to learn about suicide when you are in the middle of the crisis.  I genuinely believe there are many excellent resources available, given the time to research them.  I want to share some of the ones I have found, hoping they help on our mission to reduce the number of suicide occurrences through education and awareness; while providing support for those in crisis, those assisting others in crisis, and for those that have lost a loved one to suicide. I believe it would have made a life-impacting difference for us." - Eric's mom, Kathy Mullen

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Mullen's Miracles Momentum Campaign

Let's raise $20k towards suicide prevention!
Here is how!

Join us for an amazing fundraising opportunity to move Mullen's Miracles into a position it has taken years to get to, the time to change and save lives is NOW and with your support we can officially launch:

  • MM Suicide Prevention Training programs headed up by the QPR Gatekeeper Certified Trainer, Kathy Mullen.

  • Our new Nationwide Movement MM Suicide Prevention Safe Space Program for schools, churches, companies, bars, restaurants, wellness clinics, front-line workers, clubs, and more.


  • Fund 100 people in suicide prevention certification and training this summer. 100 people that cannot afford this much-needed training working the front lines who can literally change and save lives with this training.


  • Needed website updates, tech support, and resources to make all of the above and our growth a reality.

We invite you to join in and help change and save lives!



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Join the Mullen's Miracles Launch Team

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