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About Mullen's Miracles

Our Mission

Our deepest purpose is to create a safe learning community of hope while providing resources and programs to those suffering from the impact of suicide. 

Our Mission
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Our Vision

Provide confidential resources that can be accessed and utilized anywhere to help at-risk individuals develop healthy coping skills and find much-needed support in crisis times.

About Kathy Mullen


Kathy Mullen is an angel mom, music lover, adventure seeker focusing on healthy, joyful living, and the founder and executive director of a nonprofit organization, Mullen’s Miracles. Ms.Mullen had a successful career when her life was turned upside down by a rapid succession of tragic losses. This series of life-altering events led Kathy to her calling. After 35 years in the technology sector, Kathy created Mullen’s Miracles, a nonprofit that offers relief and recovery strategies to those considering suicide or in crisis. She started Mullen’s Miracles in honor of her son Eric, whom she lost to suicide on October 2, 2018.

Mullen’s Miracles provides individualized options, respective support systems and support provisions to those on the edge, those assisting others in crisis, and for those that have lost a loved one to suicide. The organization fills a gap that Kathy and Eric experienced personally when seeking help during a critical time - a lack of individualized available resources that they desperately needed, quickly. The goal of Mullen’s Miracles is to compile useful and easily accessible resources, so that

anyone in crisis can find the tools and support they need to cope in their time of need. Kathy works to ensure fewer families and friends have to face a life shattered by the impacts of suicide and
is committed to nourishing the needs of those in crisis and changing the stigma associated with mental illness.

We Need Your Support Today!

Mullen's Miracles is dedicated to the awareness of Suicide Prevention, Organ Donor, Depression, Grief and more. We provide resources and opportunities for the greater USA and the World at large.

"Never underestimate a memory, a photo, a conversation, hug, kiss, or an opportunity to have a kind word with others or most importantly, sharing the gift of life." - Kathy Mullen

Board Members & Team

Jeff Pike

Co-Founder | Director

In addition to being Mullen's Miracles Co-Founder and Director, Jeff Pike is a recording artist, singer-songwriter, and touring musician. 


As a lifelong career musician, Jeff is very familiar with the severe mental problems that many artists suffer. Having lost many friends and even family to suicide, alcohol, and drug-related issues, Jeff has a genuine and deep concern for society's mental health and sobriety. 


Jeff battled and conquered his addictions through Celebrate Recovery and grew to be part of the Celebrate Recovery Leadership Team. 

For more information visit:


Dr. Matthew Reid

Medical Expertise

Dr. Matthew Reid is a compassionate physician with 29 years of experience in Family Practice, Emergency Medicine and primary care.

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Matt Sherry

Resource & Police Officer

Matt Sherry has 17 years experience in Law Enforcement with four of those being in the capacity of School Resource Officer and he's currently serving as a school Resource Officer at Apollo High School in St. Cloud, Minnesota.

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Financial Advisor

Board Member


Curriculum Advisor

Board Member




2022 Internship


Junior Board


We are looking for the following

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Past Board Members

Jim Vinyard

Bookings | Social Media

Jim Vinyard's heart is with nonprofit startups, add that with his friendship with Kathy Mullen, and his passion for Mullen's Miracles mission and vision… and the answer was a quick YES when asked to sit on the Mullen's Miracles board. 


Jim has decades of marketing and large-scale event logistics experience and a decade of local and global nonprofit management. 


Jim resides with his family in Augusta, Georgia, and owns a digital marketing agency with offices in Augusta and Alpharetta, Georgia.

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