What Mother Doesn't Like To Brag? A Mother’s Story of Loss of Her Only Child

Updated: Feb 8

What Mother doesn't like to brag?

I haven't met one yet! This video warms my heart; being able to share memorable photos, videos, and memories reflective of Eric brings me joy. I am truly blessed to have captured so many moments that are the memories to have and share, well...forever. The time for new adventures and experiences, including Eric, has passed. Yet, I can't begin to express the deep heartfelt gratitude for the memories I have. Priceless. Capture a life that tells your story. Eric's adventurous spirit and soul, along with his smile, laughter, and quick wit, will always bring me a smile.

I hope you enjoy it. Reminisce if you knew Eric. If you didn't, take a moment to experience his life with me, thinking about your own family, friends, and life. Life is fleeting, precious, and final. I reflect daily on how I share my life and time, remembering each minute matters.

There isn't a do-over or reset button on anything in life.

Happy Heavenly Birthday Scrubs <3

Heartfelt love...

Eric's Mom,


Celebrating the life of Eric William Mullen (5/22/1992-10/2/2018) as told by his mother with pictures. Video Credit Chaz Mollenhauer. Editing help by J.P.M.

Music by Dan Baraszu titled “Nightfall” used by permission from the music publisher and record label.

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