Eric Mullen's Private Celebration Of Life, Atlanta, GA 12-8-2018

Eric Mullen's private "Celebration Of Life" held in Atlanta, GA on 12-8-2018. In Eric's last message to his mother, he shared with her that he would SMILE for her everyday.

You will be treated to the song, Smile, written by David Gilmour, and sung by musician and Mullen's Miracles co-founder, Jeff Pike -

Eric Mullen took his life October of 2018 yet was able to save five lives and impact many other lives through Organ Donation. Eric's gifts of bone and connective tissue have been utilized for orthopedic, spinal, and dental surgery. Grafts from Eric's gift of bone, connective tissue and skin are being utilized to develop new technology and medical advancements, creating a better quality of life for those in need. Eric's corneas were also donated, giving the gift of sight.

Mullen's Miracles is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in the state of Georgia, USA.

Note: Must be 13 years or older to Sign Up! If you are under 13, for help, call 800-273-8255 or click this link

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