Heroes...Organ Donor Recipients

Updated: Feb 6

I believe Organ Recipients are genuine heroes. I learned very quickly how critical a donor is in their life to keep on living. The path a person on a transplant waitlist walk is something I can't even begin to imagine.

And the team that pulls it all together, wow. I just watched the transplant coordinator on the phone for several days - sometimes talking on two phones simultaneously and a third phone 'on-hold' working to coordinate the transplants. Precision in detail to find a match and critical timing to ensure optimal success.

The most important aspect of this is how critical organ donation is, with the statistics for actual donors much lower than I could have imagined.

As I began to understand that Plan A was quickly moving to Plan B, I knew in my heart, without question, this is what Eric wanted. We were blessed to have that option.

When Eric's dad, Larry, passed away 14 months earlier, Eric, without question, chose to donate what was possible - tissue, cartilage, and bone.

Take the time to hear these stories and educate yourself on organ donation and look at the donor impact sheets just from Larry and Eric.

If you haven't already registered to be an organ donor, please consider it!

Much love..

Eric's Mom,


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