Kathy Mullen and Mullen's Miracles featured in "This Month At The Commons"


Meet our loyal member Kathy Mullen. After a 35 + year career in IT, Kathy took a leap of faith to focus on launching a nonprofit, Mullen's Miracle's, after losing her only son Eric to suicide in 2018. Kathy launched Mullen's Miracles with her first event in October of 2020, just after joining The Commons as a member. She has since made several connections throughout the office, working along side of current members, Anthony Flynn, and Vinyard Creative Group. We are very proud of Kathy, and all that she has accomplished in the last few months as CEO.

If you are interested in learning more about Kathy, Mullen's Miracles, or feel led to support click the link below to visit her website. You can also connect with Kathy via LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.


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