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Updated: Feb 4

Hot Chocolate is one of the things that cross my mind when it comes to gratitude. Years ago, my brother passed away at a young age in a work-related accident. For several nights in a row at bedtime, there was a knock on the door with a neighbor who brought each of us a cup of Hot Chocolate. She always knew how many cups were needed to have filled as family and friends came and went. My heart holds gratitude beyond expression for her simple gesture to help during such a traumatic time. Twenty-six years later, the reminder of this woman's generosity over hot Chocolate remains in my heart.


Each of us has our own story of loss and how we made it through our heartbreak, yet never forgetting our loss.

Brene Brown shares that in her research, those who have faced extreme grief actually want to hear what you are thankful for, even if it is something they have lost. Your gratitude for the loved ones in your life shows that you understand the value and importance of what they have lost. Not only that, but talking about your loved ones give them permission to talk about theirs, even ones they've lost. Your gratitude honors and validates the loss in their own lives.

Now more than ever, gratitude is essential. For ourselves and with those surrounding us. Even those we don't know that cross into our lives. Regardless of the types of losses we may be experiencing at the moment, and yes, I said losses, as I believe in the world we are in today's loss, is ever-present; it is healing to talk about feelings, loss and share our memories.

Merely expressing gratitude in yourself and others is accessible at your fingertips. A simple smile or a thank you suffices. Bring someone a cup of coffee or hot Chocolate. The list is endless.

Take a moment throughout your day to track your gratitude. Especially throughout the seasons of loss.

Subtle and consistent changes, over time, when sprinkled with gratitude, change your world.

Thanksgiving is just around the corner; seek gratitude, lifting yourself and others every day. There are no limitations to gratitude.

PS - My son's name is Eric, and I love talking about him

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