Miracle Spotlight ~ Our team is the heart and soul of MM. We're excited to spotlight Jeff Pike today


Hi there! I'm Jeff Pike. I am a lifelong career musician and co-founder of Mullen's Miracles. I have had the privilege of working with Kathy Mullen since 2012 in a music management capacity, and it was an honor to be asked to cofound such an essential and needed nonprofit. Being a full-time musician at any level of success is never a smooth road. I have dealt with depression and addiction and have lost many friends and loved ones to suicide throughout my life and career. I found personal help through Celebrate Recovery in 2010 and have been on a steadier and healthier road ever since.

I am grateful for all who have helped me, including Kathy. She is an amazing, passionate, and caring woman who has helped me, my music, and my family tirelessly for years. Being a large part of Kathy's and her family's life is a blessing. When we lost Eric at 26 years old in 2018, our world was shaken to the core. Eric was a bright, sensitive, caring, passionate, and intelligent young man who deserved life. He, too, was a great help to me, my family, and my band. He was wonderful, and I miss him very much. Eric's constant presence and Kathy's dedication to his memory are a driving factor at the core of Mullen's Miracles.

The team that we work with are an amazing group of people who are all professional and committed to the cause of Mullen's Miracles. Their belief in our cause, hard work, and all they give make it easy for me to believe that we are on the right road. I think that Mullen's Miracles has the capability of making a significant impact on a vast number of people as we grow, and I look forward to seeing where it will lead.


We're so grateful for Jeff and all of the team members that are helping us grow Mullen's Miracles

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