The Story of My Tattoo

Let me share with you the story about my tattoo...

Well, I did it. On Halloween. No other day would have been right to do something that indeed was a bit out of character for me.

Halloween. That was almost more important at our house than Christmas. Starting with Eric's first Halloween when he was just five months old. Larry, his dad, set him inside of the pumpkin. The decorations year after year got bigger and better. Eric was always more excited about having a Halloween party than a Birthday party.

On top of that, my parent's wedding anniversary was on Halloween. There are some stories to tell about their costumes for parties. We'll save those for another day.

Now that we have gotten Halloween out of the way, why I choose to get a tattoo. And the one I did.

Years ago, I had learned that Amy Bleuel, inspired by her struggle with depression, mental illness, suicide attempts, and loss of her father to suicide, initiated a project turning the semicolon (;) into a symbol of hope and love for those who were struggling. I have also seen the (;) used as a symbol of hope and continuation, an affirmation that we have the power to move forward.

After experiencing the tragedy of losing the most important person in my life ever, I needed a way to talk about Eric with ease. Trust me, mental illness, suicide, and death are not topics people are comfortable discussing. With the (;) project already in place, so is an awareness of the meaning of a (;) as a tattoo. The heart symbolizes our love, the placement of the (;) is a reminder for me. I am keeping hope and the power to move forward.

Eric's physical being may be gone from this life, yet he lives on in many others, and I pray together; we can share the love and hope with others to keep on living.

Can you help me with sharing this message with others who struggle?

Much love...

Eric's Mom,


P.S. It is the most personal and meaningful thing I have ever done for me.

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