Sasha & Healing Through Loss

Updated: Feb 4

Fairywood Thicket Farm & Equestrian Center, jelly and horses, a combination I had no idea would impact my life as it has.

Jeff Pike's longtime friend, Kim Conner, owns Fairywood Thicket Farm & Equestrian Center. The jelly is fantastic, and Kim herself, even more so.

I knew Kim's Equestrian Center offered therapeutic horsemanship programs assisting Veterans who suffer from PTSD and Trauma as they heal. Thankfully and without prompting, Kim offered to see if she could include me in her program. We spoke about trying to make this work on a Sunday evening, and by the time we spoke on Monday morning, she already had sent my story to her network of sponsors. I am not a Veteran; however, my diagnosis includes PTSD and Trauma. Within minutes she had my first sponsor for three months of the program and shortly after a second sponsor for an additional three months if needed. At this time, I can't disclose the sponsors - I know they are not people I would ever connect with otherwise that have huge hearts for helping others.

Kim had already picked out the horse she wanted me to work with, Sasha. Sasha had horrifically lost a colt and was severely depressed and underweight. Kim thought we would be suitable for each other with the grief and healing we both were experiencing. Honestly, I didn't have any experience with horses or equine therapy.

Over the past several months, Sasha and I have both made significant progress in our paths of healing. I love the time I can spend with her and all I am learning.

I have great honor with those around me who see what might benefit me and offer me what they have to help as I continue on this journey.

Sasha is getting much healthier, and so am I.

Thanks to Kim, Savannah, Heather, and the program sponsors for going outside of the program to include me.

Much Love…

Eric's Mom,


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