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There have been times in each of our lives that have caused pain and trauma. Times where we have needed guidance and support to heal. We often didn't know where to turn or how to get the help we needed that fit our circumstances. We aren't always prepared for everything in life that can blindside us. I know that place far too well. So did my son, his friends, our family members even co-workers.  


Mental Health, Suicide (ideation, attempts, and loss) aren't dinner table conversations unless you are experiencing it first-hand. Even then, do you honestly know what to say or do? When do you get help, and what kind of support do you reach out for?


Time is of the essence and not on your side to help you quickly come to terms with what you need to know to prevent the suicide of a loved one, friend, or co-worker. Each attempt and situation has variables.


The stigma associated with mental health and suicide thrives in shame and guilt, pain buried in alcohol and/or drugs, thoughts of what is wrong with me - why can't I deal with this, whatever this may be. Yet suicide is rated as the 10th leading cause of death in the United States during 2020. With the COVID-19 pandemic; suicides continue, and the ages are even as young as nine years old. Doesn't that scare you?


When a life is lost to suicide, it is not the end - not even close. There is an unbearable aftermath—emotions, pain, and questions quite possibly lasting for the rest of family members and friends' lifetime. Regardless of the time it takes to learn acceptance and start the healing process, life has been shattered in a way that can never be repaired or forgotten.


Mullen's Miracles was born out of living this experience first-hand.  Our goal is to save lives. How? Through awareness, education, healing, empathetic support, personal stories, and resources easily accessible. The more we can work together, the fewer angelversaries we will have as part of our lives. Angelversary was a term I learned when I became an Angel Mom. Please don't join the club.


Let me be clear; we are not a replacement for medical care or many excellent resources such as crisis hotlines, etc.

Kathy Mullen, Founder of Mullen’s Miracles

We would LOVE your support to help us reach our Resource Goals!


Mullen’s Miracles experienced first-hand the challenges of not knowing where to turn to find individualized, effective and easily accessible resource options during times of crisis.  Suicide was the 10th leading cause of death in the United States in 2020.  90% of those who died by suicide had a diagnosable mental health condition at the time of their death.


Mullen’s Miracles goals align with the objective to reduce the risk of losing a loved one to suicide through programs by providing both awareness and prevention education, delivered to a broad range of audiences in the workplace, school systems, community outreach, ministries, and to high-risk groups.  In addition to the awareness and prevention programs, Mullen’s Miracles resources include managing the devastating grief from suicide loss, transitioning from a life that is gone forever, finding acceptance through loss while rebuilding life while struggling with daily activities.


The publishing of a book sharing Mullen’s Miracles story, creation of an APP to supplement the programs and a documentary on suicide awareness | prevention are inclusive of the Mullen’s Miracles vision however they will require additional funding as noted. 


Based on needed funding and actual program costs, these are the programs we are looking to fund and maintain the operations of Mullen’s Miracles. Who is in to help us? 


MM Phase I: Program to RECOVER from Crisis

MM Phase II: Program to RESET Life 

MM Phase III: Program creating a life of RESILIENCE

MM Program: Storytelling: A Backstage Pass To The Miracle of Life 

MM Program: First Things First; Experiencing Closure, Grief, Healing 

MM Website: Connectedness Page, featuring life stories of survivors and loss

MM Podcasts

MM Story and Promotion of Organ Donation

Creation of a variety of Speaking Topics: Stigma of Mental Health, Suicide and Advocacy, Suicide Awareness, Prevention, The Aftermath of Suicide and Moving Forward,  Organ Donation Process – Real Life Impact (twice), Finding Acceptance Through Life’s Transitions, Suicide Support for loved ones, friends, co-workers, Transitioning back to work or school after a tragic loss, Coping and Empathy Skills, Grief, A Mother’s Story on loss of her only child through suicide.

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